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Spring DIY Sandbox For Any Space & 20 Minute Fit Friday

Spring has finally sprung and we have been loving getting outside to all of the parks and trails in our area.  Our little guy especially LOVES being outside and he just can’t get enough dirt, sand, slides, swings, puddles, and sunshine.  And who can blame him?!?  I always feel infinitely better when I get outside during the day.

We live in an area where we have a park in any direction and they are within a 20 minute walk each…which is great!  But sometimes, we don’t have the time to take over an hour round trip to get outside to a play space.  This led me to doing some looking around for ideas on how to make the most of our little balcony space for those times when the little guy wants to get outside but we just don’t have enough time to pack up and go to the park.  Then I came across a great idea for a sand table.  I decided to make a mini sandbox for our little balcony for him and it sure has been a hit!  I throw a towel down before we open it up so we don’t bother our downstairs neighbors and we are good to go.  Hours of fun for about $10.  I bought a plastic box with a lid, a bag of play sand, and a set of sand toys from the dollar section at our local Target.  You just can’t beat that!  And if you want even more fun…just add a little water.  Check it out!


Today is also Fit Friday!!  My little guy was kind enough to share his cold with me so I’ve been a little under the weather but I know how important it is to keep moving…especially with the growing bump!  So we headed out for a walk to the park this morning before lunch and now I am about to get down to business with this 20 minute AMRAP for arms.  I just know it is going to burn so good and fly by since there are so many different exercises!  Try it out and let me know how those arms feel!

Fit Friday AMRAP Arms Workout

Warm-up & cool down with a 5 minute walk  on the treadmill or march in place.
Do each exercise for 1 minute with no rest in between sets (or as little as possible)
  1. Push-ups
  2. Arm Circles Forward
  3. Tricep Dips
  4. Side Plank-Right Side
  5. Side Plank-Left Side
  6. Knee push-ups
  7. Mountain Climbers
  8. Spider Push-ups
  9. Front Plank
  10. Snap Jumps
  11. Inchworms
  12. Tricep Push-ups
  13. Plank Jacks
  14. Downward Dog
  15. Plank Taps
  16. Wall Push-ups
  17. Superman
  18. Back Plank
  19. Arm Circles Backward
  20. Burpees

That’s it!!  Don’t forget to cool down and stretch out…this one will hurt so good!  Good luck!

Happy Weekend!