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New Beauty Find & Food For Thought

Happy Happy Day!  This past week has been crazy with all of the spring snow that we have been getting.  We are really feeling the cabin fever around here despite our efforts to bundle up and get outside!  It does look like there is a silver lining however, and the warmer weather should make an appearance by the end of the week.  And thank goodness because I am running out of cold weather clothes that fit over my growing baby bump!! I don’t want to spend the next few weeks feeling like a stuffed sausage 😛

Anyways, a while back I was looking for a new facial moisturizer that didn’t break the bank and rocked.  As I mentioned back then, I am pretty minimal when it comes to make-up and skin care.  I want an easy to keep, effective routine with products that are safe and that have a realistic price point for a growing family.  In order to keep with that, I did a lot of research and read a lot of different reviews to try to find a moisturizer to add to my routine that fit this bill and I am excited to say that I think I found one!  After all of my research, I settled on two Aveeno products.  One is this daily facial moisturizer with sunscreen and the other is this intensive night cream.

I have been using both now for just under a month and so far I am very happy with them.  They both go on smooth, they have a subtle but pleasant scent, they absorb easily, and they are not in the least bit greasy or gross feeling.  So if you are looking for a new moisturizer for daytime or nighttime then I would totally tell you to give these a try!  I’d love to know what you think or if you have tried something else with a similar price point that you absolutely love!

Besides the new beauty find, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about my recent decision to be a stay-at-home-mom and leaving my teaching position.  Part of me is having a really hard time with it and the other part of me doesn’t see another way to do this whole ‘mom’ thing.  I know that so many amazing women manage homes and jobs and kiddos and husbands etc. and I have no doubt that I could do it as well but it is not something that excites me at all.  In fact, the thought of having to wear all of those hats make me sad and anxious.  So I know that the decision that me and my husband have made for our family is the right one but I am struggling with my new title just a little bit and I am trying to understand why.  I recently read a post by another mommy blogger, The Bluegrass Mom, that really resonated with me.  Read it here.

I feel her.  I feel for her.  I let my career define me too.  I let my love for succeeding, growing professionally, problem solving, and of recognition define me.  But when I really take a minute to step back and think about who I was then and who I am now, I am the same in many ways.  I still have a special place in my heart for kids…but now I spend every day with my own.  I still love to succeed.  I still love to learn new things.  I still love problem solving and teaching…and I get to teach a little human every day still!  I still love being recognized…even when my one year old is most often the one who does the recognizing.  I am the same person, I just have a different job title.  And the title of Stay-At-Home-Mom is no less important than the title of Spanish Immersion Teacher.

So my goal for the rest of this month and beyond is to be proud of what I do and you should to!  Whether you wear all the hats or focus on just one thing in your life, you are awesome!  So don’t forget it!  As for me currently, I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom.  And I will say it loud and proud from now on.