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Baking & Book Club

Happy Friday peeps!!  It was a crazy week here.  Lots of family excitement and sadness that I won’t get in to but it was a roller coaster ride to say the least.  The most important thing is that all is well in the end and it is amazing what a loving family and some quality time spent together can do for your soul.

So now things are finally settling down and since I had book club to look forward to on Thursday with all of the ladies from work I thought that I would relieve a little bit of stress by whipping up a batch of cookies!!  Does anybody else stress bake?! Just kidding, I wasn’t really stress baking. I actually really enjoy baking and I haven’t come across many things that I can’t bake but I also don’t like having all of the sweets around the house when I do decide that I want to bake.  I mean I am all about the balance but having a couple dozen cookies staring me in the face every day is not the best for my health.  So this week seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a batch of cookies!  I could take them to book club and keep just a few at home for my little family.  Win and win!

Typically, I keep a handful of staples in my pantry that I use regularly when I bake so as long as my recipe of choice isn’t crazy I normally have everything on hand.  Today was no different.  I pulled out my big cookbook from my mom and scanned through the recipes to find something I had all of the ingredients for.  I settled on a cut-out cookie recipe and and hour later I ended up with a pan of super cute flamingo and hearts.  Check them out above!  Everybody loved them at Book Club and the boys at home didn’t mind them either 😛

At book club I brought along my past few reads to share.  Read about them here and here.  And I came home with a few new ideas for my next reads that I can’t wait to start once I finish my current book.  Have you heard of them?  One is called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World of Extroverts by Susan Crain and the other is called Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.

We always discuss a lot of different books from all different genres.  That is one of the things I love about this club.  We all get together and share our recently read titles and give a little teaser for the book.  Sometimes that teaser turns into a full blown discussion because everyone has already read that book and sometimes it turns into a battle to be the next person to borrow that book!  Either way it is always so much fun and I really look forward to these evenings out even more now that I am not in the classroom teaching.  I have never been part of a regular book club where everyone reads that same book and discusses so I can’t speak as to which I like better but for now this really fits my life style.  There is no pressure to read a book at all…one just has to show up and enjoy themselves.  Count me in!!  I can’t wait for the next one!

Are you part of a book club?  How is yours run?

Happy Friday!